Casual Arcade Game

The Happies - Amber Falcon


Casual Arcade Game

In this 2d hand-painted side scrolling game, you will control a balloon, collect alien fireflies - enerbees that power your balloon with their energy, avoid obstacles and traps that the new planet has prepared for you. Ten story missions and countless free levels from different environments await you in the game. The Happies is suitable for beginners and children as well as experienced players. It offers 3 different difficulties for everyone to enjoy.

Suitable for children

No blood. No violence. No swearing. The game is suitable for children. Our game was tested by 4 - 5 years old kids and they really enjoyed it.

Story about surviving, friendship, trait and hope

Joy, the home planet of our heroes Happies just exploded. At the last second, they flew into the space in an evacuation ship called Amber Falcon. Now the crew wander through space and search a planet suitable for life, their new home. Howerer, not everything always goes according to the plan...

Handcrafted cartoon graphics

Unique, hand-drawn cartoon graphics. Discover new worlds, mysterious places, explore ancient artifacts, get to know a new unkown planet that hides many surprises.

15 playable characters

The crew of the Amber Falcon is diverse. Choose 2 out of 15 characters, get into a hot air balloon and explore the world. Each of the Happies is unique and the crew is varied. Who will be your favorite one? The fearless and wise captain, the beautiful on-board system operator, the tough mechanic or the singing cleaning worker? And what if two little curious children become the heroes?

20+ balloons design, 20+ levels

Experience the adventures of the two siblings Ellie and Joey. Guide them through 10 levels, collect all Enerbees and materials to repair the ship, unlock new balloon designs. Explore ancient artifacts and undertake 10 expeditions through a portal leading to the mysterious Void.

About us

We are a small game development studio based in the Czech Republic, consisting of two members. Lukas takes care of the programming and Josef is in charge of the graphics.

We started the studio with one main goal: To create fun and unusual games that inspire and most importantly to leave behind something we can remember.